During the week of the 11th we were advised to create invitations and posters to let people know about the exhibition.

Myself and Kate went to the library to discuss potential ideas for what we could do. I had already previously let the others in the group that I didn’t mind making the poster, but I didn’t really know how to start it off. I brainstormed various ideas and thoughts for this during the weekend before. This definitely helped my thought process.
Kate then started to make the invitations to hand out to tutors, we both were a little stuck on what to do for these. As other groups have been really creative with them, I really didn’t know how to incorporate the bookshop into them .
As I started working on the poster, I thought of using an old fashioned type cinema ticket for the invitations – although looking back on them now, even though they look good and how they have been finished off, they don’t suit the theme of the bookshop at all.

After Kate had handed them out I thought of so much more we could have done instead, such as a luggage price tag and hand wrote in the style of a book, or included old stamps into them as the bookshop stamps the insides when you take them.


The poster that I created looks really well, I wanted to create a clean looking poster with not too much on as this would look distracting maybe. My idea was stemmed from something that I saw online from a Dutch book exhibition a few years ago. I was interested in the layout really as it worked well with the centre of the image.


I wanted it to look like an open book from a birds eye view with the images of everyone’s work or ideas. For example: Andrew is using the sound of a clock ticking – so I thought that finding a stock image of a clock mechanism for his. And then for Kate’s I have included the image of her mother projected onto the poster that she is aiming to use within the shop. For myself, I have used the photo of the origami butterflies whilst putting them onto the final piece to hang. For Harry’s I placed an image of his own that he felt would show his work, originally we wanted to use the book cover that started the influences of his work – however we were unable to find a good enough image of this. And for Malin’s work I knew she wanted to do something Sherlock Holmes related so alike Andrew’s, I found a stock image of the book cover and used this. I am so pleased with how the poster looks.

Yesterday – November 15th I went and placed posters up and around uni to promote the exhibition. I took photos of each place apart from within the bookshop window simply because I forgot. But I felt that taking photos of the posters up would show that we had used and put posters up in case they got took down or damaged.

I printed 4 sized A4 and A3 – I felt that using A3 in places such as the shop window and the Photography corridor would draw more attention whereas using A4 on notice boards and door looked better. We put one up on the fine art notice board as we felt that this work was more fine art based than photography based and would interest them more than just a standard photography exhibition.


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