Spontaneous Idea Change

During the tutorial on Monday 11th November other members of the group were discussing their work, I felt that my idea wasn’t going to work even though I hadn’t tested it properly. I knew it wasn’t going to work.
My new idea is very close to my first ideas just slightly different, I have removed the idea of the scroll with the words coming out. I changed this mainly because I didn’t know where to start off with it, and how it would work with the rest of the piece as I am now using the element of shadows alongside the book pages. As this is more relative to the work. I have looked into more artists who use paper cutting and shadows such as Lotte Reiniger, Isabella Baudelaire, and a company called ‘The Paper Cinema’, Tim Noble & Sue Webster.

Lotte Reiginer

Isabella Baudelaire

The Paper Cinema

Tim Noble & Sue Webster

I felt that Tim Noble and Sue Websters work extremely influential towards my own ideas The use of an object to create a shadow. My work wont look half as good as this but the idea will still be there.

I am still yet to test the distance for the lamp and the paper cut out I am going to be placing in the centre of the room, very similarly to Noble & Websters work.


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