Final Idea Testers

The weekend prior to setting up the exhibition, I tested out what I hoped to create for my final installation. However, I didn’t really know where to start with this as I seemed to be just making images and scenarios up in my head hoping that they would work although I had done quite a bit of research into this style of work.

I started by printing out a stock image of Dylan Thomas. I wanted a side on profile view of him as this would look better when casted onto the wall. As well as this I looked for crow images – I could see how I wanted it to look in my head it was just a matter of making that into reality.

NPG P1684; Dylan Thomas by Rollie McKenna

I settled on this particular image, as I felt that although it would be presented in shadow form, it was still noticeable what he was doing within the image.

animals_outline_silhouette_cartoon_birds_bird_crow_flying_animal_crows images (1)

These are the two images I chose to use for the crow shadow.
I then printed them out onto book pages, cut them out and presented them attached to the open book of which I wanted to be as the base. I initially had trouble trying to fix them down onto the base I tried various things such as card tabs on the bottom but found that the tabs were visible on the shadows and took away the aspect of the shadow. I found myself in the end using cotton bud sticks – more of a last resort than resourceful. Having said this, they worked really well. I managed to roughly stick them on just to test and they worked so well, and were not visible at all on the shadow.

Above are the first photos I took for the first test, I was pleased with the outcome but I was not completely satisfied with the look of it. The crow was definitely the wrong shape and I felt that if I had of kept it like this it would let my work down. I looked more into crow silhouettes and found that a crow in flight was a better fitting image to what I wanted, this also followed nicely into the butterflies.

I tested this out and secured it down in the same way as previously. This worked a lot better and gave off a more effective shadow and meant a lot more towards the background meaning of my work. The idea of what the crow actually meant rather than a crow that was just stood there doing nothing.

I am more than pleased with how the testing worked out, especially when I didn’t really know how it would turn out knowing that I changed my idea so late and on the spot.


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