Setting up the Exhibition

Monday 18th November we met as a group in uni to walk over to the shop to set up our individual installations. This looked more professional rather than people just turning up randomly at the shop at any time of the day.
Personally I felt quite nervous as I had never done anything like this before and wasn’t sure if my work would look right or work within the space, even after all my testings.

We went in and started to clear up the space before doing anything, Kate and Harry printed off signs such as arrows, caution signs as well as one stating where the exhibition was in the shop.
I set up my installation in the ‘room with no windows’ this was a much better room than the original one I planned to use. However, the sloped ceiling I hoped to use as part of my installation and use it as an advantage, but when I went to put the butterflies up the ceiling was in a difficult place so I felt that the butterflies looked a lot better hung up in the corner of the room rather than the place I intended.


With there being no lighting in my room, I resorted to using the desk lamp I bought especially for my installation. Although this was inconvenient it was also helpful to know where to place the lamp in ratio to the shadow pieces.

I set the main centre piece up first as this would then enable me to know where to place the butterflies in correlation to this.
When moving my work from my bedroom – where I had been making the origami butterflies, I used a plastic box to transport them down to the shop from my house. I decided that this was a perfect stand to place the centre piece, it was initially a little too low and the shadows were casting on the wall along the skirting board. I’d like to think that I used my initiative by gathering books and placing them on top to create more of a stand. I borrowed a black pillow case to cover the plastic box, this gave a more sophisticated look.


I hung up the string of 80 hand made origami butterflies across the left hand corner of the room. After re-positioning each end about 4 different times, I was finally happy with how it looked in relation to the centre piece.

I hung a long line of fishing wire from the entrance of the room to the back wall which I then placed two cut outs of flying crows along here to show the fading out of the landing crow into the butterflies above. I felt that this connected the two separate pieces together and made it into one; they are not as noticeable on the photos here as they were in person.

I had finally set up my exhibition piece, but again I wasn’t happy with how it looked. I felt that there was something missing, if I had changed my idea a little sooner I would have been able to get my act together and done a lot more however, that Monday night I went home and wanted to do more. This resulted in making as many origami butterflies as possible. I set myself an unreachable target of 200. Even when making the original set of 80 took me two days. I knew I wouldn’t be able to achieve this but I shut myself off from everything and got on with it. Around 6 or so hours later I had managed to make 77 more butterflies all folded, glued together and sewn onto the fishing line and hung up ready to be installed on the morning of the exhibition. I knew I was pushing for time but I was happy with the fact I had managed to make another line of butterflies. If I hadn’t got too tired I wanted to create cut out words in the style of Rob Ryan and hung them in a similar way to the butterflies, this would have given more interest on the right hand side of the wall. I would have hung them above the shadow of Dylan Thomas; it would have been a stronger connection to him as person and his work with my own.



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