Exhibition: Day 1

We eagerly waited outside the bookshop for it to open on the morning of the exhibition – it started to rain, then sleet, then almost hail. We didn’t set our hopes up too high for a good turn out simply due to the weather. A couple of ladies later joined us whilst waiting outside in the typical Welsh weather. It turned out that Andrew’s wife had told one of the ladies outside to go visit our exhibition; which was I thought was really nice of her. We eventually made it in the shop and I went upstairs to hang up the last part of my installation. Luckily no one had come up to see the pieces at this point so they didn’t see me finishing off my work. Once I had positioned the butterflies into place I stuck ribbon onto either side of the walls to act as a barrier. The black ribbon looked much better and was more fitting to my work than having to use the black and yellow striped tape that other members of my group used.

Overall, I am really pleased with how it looked after I had hung the other butterflies up, it definitely gave it more depth. If it had of been possible the second string of butterflies would have been placed up higher on the wall, but I could barely reached up to where they ended up let alone reaching up higher. We all decided on making a statement plaque which explained our work, including thoughts and ideas. This would help visitors understand the pieces if we were not there to answer their questions.

The exhibition turn out on the first day was really quite good and unexpected from us all. After a few visitors we decided that a visitor book would be a good idea for them to sign and what they thought of everyone’s work. I am unsure of how many people signed in this but over the two days we managed to receive over 100 guests. This again was definitely a shock to us all as we had heard that other group had not even had one visitor turn up. We are all thankful for our chosen location being in the centre of town that the majority of people walk past on a daily basis.

Even though we worked as individuals I decided to photograph my groups work.

1. Andrews work I found quite creepy and eerie especially with the mannequin sat in the corner reading a book. I hadn’t seen his film piece that he projected onto the wall till the day before the exhibition. I found it interesting as the film although it went on for 20 minutes, I only caught slight glimpses of different films such as The Wizard of Oz, To Kill a Mockingbird etc, I liked how that with the ticking and chiming of the clock in the background worked well alongside each film within the projection. It really made me think, but I don’t know why, maybe because the lack of sound but the constant of the clock.

2. Kate’s work I had seen prior to the exhibition so I knew what to expect. The continuous projection of images of her mother on top of the Pravada poster that was already there worked really well. And in some photos, her mothers eyes are closed making the image become two separate people. The image on the poster was not far of alike the photos Kate used of her mother, which again I thought worked really.

2. Harry’s book was a great way of promoting the shop. Even though in group crits, he explained his work ideas, I was a little confused to what he was making and planning to do with them. The use of hand made books that he printed out and used scanned images from a book he found from the bookshop itself as well as using photos he had taken himself in the style of those within the found book. He placed them within the crime section of the bookshop downstairs which were free for the public to take when or if they came across them when looking at this section. Bringing a plinth from uni he placed a singular book upstairs to bring the attention to people who had not seen it down stairs.

3. Malin decided to create a Sherlock Holmes style piece, creating a body shape on the floor, blood marks and particular evidence pieces. As the visitor you had to find out who had done it. Her laptop showed a continuous loop of photos of the evidence and clues to what had killed the person and who. A box full of gathered evidence pieces, such as bags of ‘drugs’, a smashed mug, chicken wings, money, a phone and a torch (with added blood). I really liked the interactive element to her work even if I couldn’t work out who had killed the person.

The first day had been a complete success. We worked well as a group to accommodate each others needs; such as going for diner/ toilet breaks. We explained others work if they had gone for a break to visitors – however we agreed to do the second in allotted time sections as we felt that perhaps for the visitors 5 people just stood there was a little daunting for them as they came upstairs.



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