Exhibition: Day 2

Day two worked equally as well, myself and Harry agreed to do the afternoon shift as we didn’t really need to set anything up in the morning like Andrew, Kate and Malin had to. When we arrived in the afternoon we were told we had only had a few visitors. This was a little disheartening as the first day we had quite a few. As the afternoon went on visitors would tend to wonder upstairs and take a quick look but that seemed to be it. We tried our hardest to explain and welcome them into the rooms to show each others installations off. The general response overall was extremely good especially knowing that we had each done different things within the space.

Later on that day Andrew told us about the lady who had been the first to visit the exhibition had wrote about us on her personal blog. Which I found really inspiring. How a group of university photojournalism students had influenced her and her own ideas to create a blog post about our work was really something.


Her post started off with the story of her day and how it expanded into something great. Particular quotes I found uplifting of my work she had written
…a wonderful piece of shadow expressionism showed the way small pieces can become brought to life by light…” and then went on to saying “…When I left I felt very uplifted, what a great, and unexpected morning!  I carried my three books back to my car and drove back, through…. sleet and sunshine!…” for someone who I don’t know I found it a little upsetting, in a good way, that someone who doesn’t know me had such great things to say about my work.
Another unexpected thing Andrew told me was when his wife came to visit the morning on the second day, she found my work equally as fascinating as Marian had. And had told Andrew what she thought of it and how the crow and the butterflies symbolised a lot more to what I intended.
She explained to Andrew that my work could be related to the poem “Twa Corbies” something that I had never heard of. But when attempting to read through the poem I can definitely see the connection she personally made with my work.
The cut-out butterflies are fragile and ethereal and yet when light is projected onto them cast the shadow of a flock of birds echoing the motif of the Raven/crow and also referencing the book by Daphne de Maurier – The Birds which was made into the classic Hitchcock horror film…
For someone who I don’t know I was equally as grateful as before to gain more information and outsiders opinions on my work.

During the first day after setting everything up I took a lot of photos mainly to document the process of setting up. As well as a back up image in case when getting there Wednesday it had all fallen down. I decided to put a photo up of my work on Facebook, and I was genuinely so overwhelmed with the response on my photo of my installation. To some it might not mean a lot but overall I received 88 likes on the photo and comments such as “Thats spectacular! Will have to come see it tomorrow!”, ” i LOVE this soooo much! well done luc!” I honestly couldn’t believe that people could like my work so much, when even I wasn’t completely happy with it.
The last day of the exhibition drew closer and as a group we decided that we would buy a thank you gift for the volunteers at the shop as they had been understanding and allowed us to use the upstairs without any issues.
We packed up and said farewell to the Healthy Planet Bookshop.

The 2 days for me was definitely an inspiring yet stressful few days. Working as a group, planning individual needs, what was needed for the installations etc. Our location and setting was perfect and we all worked incredibly hard to get the best out of the site. I am really pleased with the turnout of people and the reaction to not only my own work but the rest of the exhibits.

I personally think that Group B was the best group to be in.


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