Further Work and Ideas

Since my most recent tester sample of the cut out words. I felt that after the crit and tutorial with different lecturers I had so many ideas flying around in my head not knowing which direction to go in.

From previous research I found that origami could be a good medium to use rather than just cut out paper as I feel that there is more work put into this.
So I have already made a start on these, I chose to create butterflies to be in-keeping with my original thought process of using the cut out butterflies.


This then led me onto the idea of using origami throughout my whole piece. Previously I wanted to use butterflies as well as crows which would symbolise Thomas’ darker side to his life. Though, through various samples and try outs of trying to create an origami crow I decided that although this would be a good way to keep the theme ongoing, it just didn’t look crow enough to be used.


I am thinking about returning back to the my original planned idea of just cutting out the crows from book pages or black card perhaps to make them sturdy enough to be positioned on the ground.

I have been advised to look at various shadow artists who use mini sculpture like pieces which are then casted onto a wall producing large shadows telling stories around the room. This is definitely something I now want to create myself when doing this site project. I found that I had way too many ideas to start off with even though I knew what I wanted to do.

So now up until the exhibition is due, I am going to aim my ideas at this style of work and further my ideas and experiments into something that I am happy with for the final exhibition days. 


Further Work and Samples

I made another sample of what I would like to include within my installation. This was in the style of Rob Ryan’s work, with cut out sentences of Dylan Thomas’ work.

Although this is only a rough sample, I was testing whether or not my technique would work. On this occasion I definitely feel that it has worked. On a larger scale with more pieces like this would create such a good effect. My tutor mentioned about blacking out the room and having light sources projecting onto the cut  out words forming shadows on the wall. I particularly like this idea, however, I did originally want to have shadows of the hanging butterflies and birds as this would create a more atmospheric eerie creepy look within in the room. Unfortunately, we have no power supply at the moment on the first floor. This could potentially be a problem, though I am able to purchase battery powered light sources which would work equally as well as the mains powered ones. Another idea was to simply use the window light rather than individual lamps, I don’t think that this would work as well, mainly because it would be very hit and miss with the weather and the natural surroundings outside.
I definitely think I have to test this within my chosen space/ room, even if it means having to move rooms just to get it dark enough I would be benefiting the overall look to my installation.
In the next week, I aim to create more samples and incorporate both individual samples I have created so far to become more combined within the project as I feel that they are very different interpretations of my work.
In previous tutorials and crits, I have found it hard to explain my ideas and what I want to do for this work. As I can’t really explain it but I can see exactly what I want to do for it and what elements need what attention I felt that drawing a rough, very rough sketch of how I want it to look might help others understand what I can imagine in my head.

Even though my drawing created a few laughs this allowed them to almost understand what I want to do. Hopefully, my actual work won’t look too far off what I want it to look like. If I can get the prototypes to work as well as I’d hope then I would be over the moon.

Alfred Hitchcock – ‘The Birds’


I was advised to look into Hitchcock’s adaptation of “The Birds”. I felt that if watching this would benefit my work, then it was worth a go. I have watched some of Hitchcock’s films previously such as Rear Window and Psycho. So I knew what to expect when watching The Birds.

Throughout the film there are numerous elements that I can personally include within my own work. From my previous samples I have made I feel that using the bird outline such as the one below, would benefit and seamlessly link my work to the film references as well as Dylan Thomas’ work.

I collected some films stills from the most iconic scenes of the film, I feel that these are perfect examples against the silhouetted bird outlines I want to use.


Similar to the silhouettes above, I found that the sitting crow almost as eerie as the others. I am excited to use these in my work.

Whilst on the internet when searching for the film, I came across this image;

Although, it has nothing to do with the film, the background meaning of the narrative is still present. It looks a very staged piece, possibly for photographic purpose. The most I like about the image is the use of shadows and lighting, the birds flying around the young girl has added effect with the small amount but added suspense and fear with the shadows cast on the wall.
The dark, cold looking lighting works well with this particular theme as well, this adds again, the fear element, we know as a viewer that this is not a happy image.

Artist Influence

From the beginning I knew exactly what i wanted to create for this project, especially now that we have chosen on the Eco bookshop.

Artists such as Su Blackwell, Rob Ryan and Masayo Matsuda. I found all of these artists although they’re not photographers they were extremely infleuntial towards my main ideas.

Su Blackwell

I have known of Blackwell’s work for a few years and it has never failed to amaze me alike with Rob Ryan’s. Her work is primarily based around book pages, quotes and literature as a whole. This for my idea works perfectly for what I would like to achieve for my installation.
Her work is delicate and intricate that this can be used as a contrast with the theme behind my work. She uses books and creates miniature scenarios, almost looking like a pop up book. I find these pieces pleasing to look at as the viewer, you know that there has been time and effort put into them. Making you appreciate them a lot more.

Rob Ryan

Again, similarly to Blackwell’s work, I find Rob Ryan’s pieces absolutely fascinating. The delicate, hand cut designs are beautiful and just such a brilliant way to create art. He has been a big influence on my ideas especially as I want to have words and quotes from Dylan Thomas’ famous poems. He not only has done his own work, but has been previously commissioned with many companies, primarily Elle and Vogue Magazine. The most amazing thing about his work is that it is all hand cut out, unlike many artists who create versions of this type of work are normally laser cut out, as they tend to be made for mass production. This element is definitely something I want to consider when doing my own designs. Although using the laser printer in the graphics department in uni would be great – the effect I want to create wouldn’t look and feel the same. This will definitely take a lot more time and effort to create as more samples may have to be made in order to get the correct look I want.

I was told during the showing of our blogs about an artist called Masayo Matsuda, someone I had never heard of. However – I have looked into his work and some areas are irrelevant to my ideas but some images are quite similar to Blackwell’s and Ryan’s work.

Masayo Matsuda

I found that these images here are the most relevant to my style of work that I want to do. I especially find the use of origami interesting and something I am willing to test to hopefully include within my installation.

My first sample came out well, considering I didn’t really know what to do in order to create the look I wanted. I originally made two samples, the first being from standard plain paper and white cotton, this was just to check that the cutouts would look right. I already knew that I was using book pages for the main installation. I felt that the cotton was too noticeable when hung up – so I then decided to test with clear fishing line. Although this is thicker and less pliable in comparison the overall after effect looks great as the cutouts look as though they are floating rather than being attached.
During our group tutorial I was asked about whether a projection was a good idea to use throughout my installation. My answer being that I didn’t really want to include something like this; although the use of light maybe something to definitely consider as I noticed when I hung up my samples to keep safe, the surrounding light cast shadows on the wall. This was another element added to the overall effect.
The book pages look well together and especially knowing that my work will be inside an eco friendly bookshop. As well as my work being primarily based on Dylan Thomas’ work. I was guided towards Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ and the use of the birds in the film to incorporate them into my own work – as a contrast against the butterflies which could be a metaphor for the greater things in his life such as his work and the birds being the rough parts of his life, like his heavy drinking problem.

Site Research Exercise

Four walls, a floor and a ceiling

Not only have we been set the initial brief of having to create an installation but whilst sorting out the location etc we have been set another brief where once we had decided on our location, 10 photographs or a 1 minute video. Below is the brief we were guided to on moodle.

Research Brief

I chose this title out of the two as I felt that the photographs I shot whilst at our viewing fitted this a lot more than the ‘Inside, outside, upside, down’ title. My photos are primarily focused on spaces that my idea I have already thought of could be interpreted into. I found it difficult to choose a particular space as I was unsure of where the other members of my group wanted to use for their work.

Below are my photos that I took when exploring our chosen installation space. [Click on the images to make larger]

My photos can be related directly back to my chosen installation idea, I feel that I may have lost track of the title brief and kept my idea as the main focal point however, looking back at the images they can definitely be used for this work. The images of the ceiling and high areas of the walls can be incorporated to hanging pieces of my installation as well as the stairway with the banister curving around, this could potentially be used as a lead for those viewing the installations up to the first floor away from the shop, but then it would still interest the public in the main bookshop, who may not know what our work is doing there.
The curvature areas of the ceiling can be incorporated into a lot of my work, if I am able to use the main shop area. Though if this is not possible, my idea of using a scroll as part of the installation can be a metaphor for the curving ceiling of the area downstairs.

Chosen Site

After being randomly put in groups by our tutors we had our first meeting, where we shared all of our individual ideas and proposed plans for what we wanted to create in the spaces. Lots of ideas were varied and very different, as a group we decided on looking further into the Dylan’s Bookstore as we could all relate really well to this however; if we did not get permission or didn’t end up going along with this location then my own idea was chosen to be a back up plan.

We agreed to meet up as a group and view the bookshop on Friday 11th October as this suited everyone’s personal diaries. During the week Harry, who initially thought of the Dylan’s bookstore idea managed to gain permission and access to the newly open free bookshop along the Kingsway.
The site is perfect for what I personally wanted to create inside the original location let alone our chosen one. Whilst being shown the site we were told a lot of history and knowledge about the building and what it used to be. The building isn’t just a bookshop, the outside is very deceiving to passers-by who just see it as a simple charity book shop. The amount of space that is hidden to the public is astonishing, definitely plenty of room for 5 of us to all create our own installations.
The space I would personally like to use is the small narrow ‘room’ that overlooks onto the kingsway, with is being such a small area, the type of work I want to design and create wouldn’t look lost as it would do in a much larger space.

Chosen area within site

Following around the building, it was evident that it was perfect for all of our installation ideas, the downstairs of the building is the main shop, the only area open to the public, when brainstorming my own ideas I felt that it was possible to incorporate elements of my work in this area and follow it through to the room I would like to use.



Initial Site Proposal

The start of this project we were given a specific brief were individually we had to come up with a chosen site to create an installation piece that corresponded with the particular surroundings. I firstly had difficulty trying to think of an original location as most places had already been used in the previous years of this brief. I wanted something that not only would show an artistic skill but bring more awareness to the site and meaning of the area.

As my new accommodation has an outstanding view of Swansea and The Mumbles I was able to think about where and what exactly what I wanted to do for this work. The idea of using the beach was a favourite of mine as coming from the Midlands, the beach is definitely a bonus when studying at Swansea Met. I eventually chose to use the childrens park on the beach. I felt that my idea for here was extremely fitting as I initially wanted to tie individual red ribbons to the playground for example: the swings, slide etc.
Below is my first proposal

Site Specific Proposal

Sketch of proposed site

Site Sketch